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Lighting Fixture Explosionproof



CIRRUS LED HIGHBAY CHalmit tahan ledak

The Cirrus LED Highbay


is perfectly suited for the food processing industry due to its robust construction and well-sealed IP66 rating. 

 There are a variety of non-glass lenses that can be utilised, depending on the application and desired appearance, which will provide an equivalent performance to traditional high-power metal halide luminaires.

Instant on crisp white light output Highly Energy Efficient120,000 maintenance free hours at 25°CLower power consumption than HID lampsLow temperature applications to -40°C     


Acclaim Chalmit Lighting antiledak

Acclaim LED Recessed Linear

The Acclaim is a recessed luminaire designed for use in sold or plank ceiling types, and is regularly used in offshore accommodation modules for both task and emergency/
escape lighting.

With an equivalent performance to the fluorescent models, the Acclaim now provides all the long life benefits associated with LED in a familiar housing.


Lampu Neon Gasproof Antiledak
Protecta III Luminaire
The Protecta III hazardous area Ex e fluorescent luminaire is designed for use in Zone 1 areas The rugged Protecta combines high quality and low maintance. It is constructed of a glass reinforced polyester (GRP) body and a polycarbonate diffuser to resist highly saline and other harsh, corrosive environments.

All the control gear is mounted on a gear tray. This ease of access to lamps and control gear ensures that installation and maintenance will be completed quickly and efficiently.

    GOST R, CSA & CEPEL Approved
    ATEX and IECEx Compliant
    End of Life (EOL) protection to IEC 60079-7:2006 with EOL I and EOL II functionality.

Lomond Emergency Luminaire Fixture gasproof tahan ledak
Lomond Emergency Luminaire
The Lomond Ex d fluorescent is a traditional flameproof luminaire for use with linear and compact fluorescent lamps. It is suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous areas.

The Lomond is designed for applications are where white instant light is needed. The aluminium and glass construction is suitable for aggressive chemical environments such as paint spraying, which could otherwise attack plastics.

An emergency version with the 8W lamp is particularly suitable for over door lighting.
 ATEX Compliant
 GOST Approved
 End of Life (EOL) protection to IEC 60079-7:2006 with EOL I and EOL II functionality.

Emergency Escape Lighting Zone 1 antiledak
Curie Elite Recessible Luminaire
The Curie Elite range of Zone 1 fluorescents is available in normal and emergency versions.  Recessible emergency and escape lighting. The body is made from zinc coated sheet steel and the diffuser from prismatic polycarbonate with textured side facing down.
The range is flexible to allow luminaires to be recessed into either plasterboard and modular (600x600mm & 600x1200mm) ceiling types. The control gear and batteries are mounted internally on a gear tray and access for lamp replacement and maintenance is simple and easy.

The emergency version has excellent emergency light output and duration in accordance with emergency lighting standards.
    SOLAS B15 Fire Rating
    GOST Approved
    End of Life (EOL) protection to IEC 60079-7 with EOL I and EOL II functionality
Protecta Lampu TahanLedak Gasproof
Protecta III LED Luminaire
The Protecta III LED Linear delivers to the Industry unparalleled performance and photometric's bringing forward all the recognised benefits of the Protecta range; a proven rpbust enclosure, excellent IP and low maintenance features which are key to the oil and gas industry.
Expected useful life to 70% of the initial lumens (L70) is a market leading 120,000 hours at 25°C. With fully replaceable LED strips and driver we deliver a unique product with effective long term maintenance capability.

    Highly Energy efficient
    Full length easy access diffuser clamp
    Screwless mains terminals
    120,000 maintenance free hours at 25°C (L70)
    DTS-01 deluge tested
    Retrofit geartray available
 STARLINE II LED Roadway Explosionproof Light

The starline II LED perfectly combines innovations in heat management, optical performance and energy saving in a sleek exterior.

The ultimate solution to replace traditional HID sources with versatility and reliability. High power LEDs minimise energy and operating costs, while the low profile appearance and low weight allow the starline II to be safely installed on new and existing infrastructure.


    Slim, elegant design
    Highly Energy Efficient
    Lightweight and low windage
    Dark sky friendly, no upward light


Evolution II Floodlight Chalmit
Evolution II Asymmetric Floodlight
The Evolution II is a
hazardous area floodlight for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 areas. It takes the unique features of the Evolution floodlight (excellent light output, low maintenance costs) and raises the bar to a new level of performance.

The protection is Ex de for ignitable gas applications and is dust excluding IP6X fo use in ignitable dust applications. The ATEX Categories are 2 G and 2 D.
lamps up to 400W can be used and extended up to 600W with a separate Ex e control gear box.

Explosion protection for gas group IIB is standard and is suitable for ambient temperatures up to 55°C.
  • ATEX Certified
  • GOST Approved 
  • IECEx Compliant
  • Optional PTFE Coating
Solas LED Floodlight Chalmit Antiledak
Solas LED Floodlight

The unique characteristics of the solas offers a versatile luminaire with 100% output in emergency mode. Built in marine grade aluminium this robust luminaire is suitable for the harshest of global environments. Utilising ultra bright LED’s the solas produces a more focused light well suited to illuminating safety critical areas in an emergency situation. A manually operated remote inhibition facility is available on all emergency versions. With a self contained battery, it can be used for backup emergency lighting in maintained or non- maintained modes.



 Ex e terminal chamber
No relamping required – over 60,000 hours   continuous operation
Low ambient temperatures
Non maintained or maintained mode

Comparable with 70W HPS floodlight Emergency inhibition
Highly Energy efficient
 NexLED Emergency Exit Luminaire
NexLED Emergency Exit Luminaire
The NexLED is an LED bulkhead luminaire specially designed for use in Hazardous Areas. Certified for both Zone 1 and Industrial applications, the NexLED is available with a range of raised exit sign kits to provide emergency escape route signage.
Positioning the NexLED at both the top and bottom of a stairwell, provides emergency conditions in hazardous area installations.
The NexLED  is a compact unit to install and its aluminium and toughened glass construction ensures durability when escape route lighting is emergency situations. The use of LED technology makes the NexLED almost maintenance free providing over 60,000 hours of continuous operation.  This bulkhead luminaire is available as standard mains powered or with emergency battery backup.

Starline Street Lantern Lampu Jalan Anti ledak
Starline Street Lantern

A luminaire with incorporated control gear specifically designed for street lighting .
The enclosure is manufactured from die cast LM6 marine grade aluminium and is polyester powder coated to RAL 7035 . The marine grade aluminium alloy body is suitable for use in coastal and harsh environments and the sealed optic system works effcetively tokeep out dust and dirt and maintain efficient roadway and perimeter lighting performance 
The control gear is mounted onto a gear tray and access is via a single clip on the enclosure to ensure that maintenance can be completed quickly and efficiently.
Installation system; post top/side entry mechanism
    Post Top: 60-76mm diameter
    Side Entry: 42-60mm diameter

ScotiaEx LED Chalmit Indonesia
ScotiaEx LED 

The ScotiaEx is a low energy floodlight with an instant on output delivering 110,000 maintenance free hours at 25 °C. Its excellent temperature range of -50°C to +55°C makes it a global lighting solution providing high output lighting at extreme temperatures. 


  •  Instant on crisp white light output
  •  Highly Energy Efficient
  •  110,000 maintenance free hours at 25°C
  •  Lower power consumption than HID lamps
  •  Low temperature applications to -50°C
NexLED LED Bulkhead Chalmit
NexLED LED Bulkhead
The NexLED bulkhead luminaire utilises high output 1 Watt light emitting diodes (LED's) that provide a white, instant light that is highly visible.

Suitable for Zone 1, the protection being flameproof increased safety. Bulkheads offer a compact and versatile solution in many applications especially those where conditions are exposed and have high levels of dust and moisture. The enclosure is corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium with a toughened glass cover, silicone rubber sealing gasket and stainless steel fixings.

The LED's are more efficient than incandescent and most tungsten halogen lights and operate for over 60000 hours eliminating relamping in many applications. This new lamp technology emits no heat or ultra violet light and is mercury free.

Suitable for a wide range of ambient temperatures from -45ºC to +55ºC with light output not affected by low temperatures.
Nevis Bulkhead Lamp Chalmit
Nevis Bulkhead
The Nevis bulkhead is designed for applications where a low profile robust luminaire is required. It is suitable for mounting on handrails and walls as well as ceilings and in restricted dirty places.

The ATEX rated bulkhead suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 21 applications is made from corrosion resistant aluminium alloy and toughened boro-silicate glass using stainless steel fastenings. It has an IP66/67 rating making it ideally suited to use in hazardous area environments

The luminaire is suitable for high pressure discharge lamps up to 70W HPS and 125W mercury vapour and also compact fluorescent lamps up to 26W, 200W GLS and 55W QL induction lamps. These give an efficient all around light distribution.

The large side mounted increased safety terminal chamber eliminates the need for flameproof glands and allows for flush mounting with easy cable access.
Nexxus II LED Bulkhead
Nexxus II LED Bulkhead

The Nexxus II low power LED bulkhead luminaire is suitable for a wide range of applications and ambient temperatures. With reduced energy consumption when compared to traditional light sources this versatile luminaire is suitable for ceiling, wall and bulkhead mounting.


·  Fixing points outside restricted breathing enclosure
·  High corrosion resistance
·  Through wire or looping as standard
·  Prismatic lens
·  Suitable for low temperature applications
· Very low power consumption
·  Highly Energy Efficient
·  Suitable for Zone 21 combustible dust environments Equivalent performance to a 26W CFL
 238 LED Well-Glass
238 LED Well-Glass

The innovative new 238 LED is an efficient low energy wellglass designed for general purpose low and medium bay illumination. With an instant on output and 80,000 maintenance free hours (L70), it offers significant benefits over the conventional product. The luminaire has a side mounted increased safety terminal chamber eliminating the need for flameproof glands. The wide ambient temperature range makes the 238 LED suitable for extreme environmental conditions.


    Installation to gas groups IIA and IIB
    Highly Energy Efficient
    Instant on - crisp white light output
    80,000 maintenance free hours
    Low temperature applications to -40°C
    Ex e terminal chamber

Eclipse II LED Exproof Lighting
Eclipse II LED Well-Glass

Ex n Luminaire ATEX CATEGORY 3

The Eclipse II is a Zone 2 LED well-glass up to 15640lm lumens. Utilising the very latest LED technology this 120,000 hour, highly Energy Efficient  luminaire has been designed to make installation quick

It has a lightweight corrosion resistant aluminium body, heat resistant glass and stainless steel fasteners. It has been tested to IP66 and is suitable for use in harsh environments. 
The single screw barrel nut permits easy access and closure of the luminaire during installation and should maintenance be required. There is a range of wall, surface and stanchion mountings which may be integrated in the design. An enclosed reflector for high bay applications is also available. A range of external reflectors is available to direct light efficiently to where it is required, please refer to the product datasheet for further details.


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